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Map of North Carolina highlighting the project study area

Project Overview

Full Title
Development and Application of a Groundwater Flow and Salt-Transport Model of the Onslow County Region in North Carolina

 In and around Onslow County, NC

Partner Agencies
Partner Agencies

Project Chief
Jason M. Fine

Period of Project
2007 - present

Team Members
Kristen B. Mcswain

Science Topic
Groundwater resources

Onslow County Region Groundwater Flow Model

This project was completed in 2012. These pages are for historical purposes only.


Monitoring well, Onslow County

Monitoring well, Onslow County

Increased development of the Castle Hayne (carbonate) aquifer has occurred in Onslow County as a result of reduced withdrawals from the Cretaceous aquifers. Increased groundwater withdrawals from these aquifers and their close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean increase the potential for movement of saltwater into the aquifers. The most recent comprehensive groundwater study conducted in Onslow County was completed in 1989 (Lyke and Winner, 1990); an up-to-date groundwater flow model is needed to assess the long-term effects of groundwater withdrawals on groundwater levels and saltwater movement in the area.