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Map of North Carolina highlighting the project study area

Project Overview

Full Title
Stratigraphic Coring

Bertie, Bladen, Columbus, and Craven counties

Cooperating Agencies
USGS Eastern Region

Project Chief
Beth Wrege

Period of Project

Team Members

Rob Weems (Geologic Discipline)

Jean Self-Trail (Geologic Discipline)

Melinda Chapman (Water Resources Discipline)

WWW Resources

Coastal Carolina Project

USGS Eastern Earth Surface Processes

Stratigraphic Coring

This project was completed in 2008. These pages are for historical purposes only.


Photograph of drill and truck with tower raised

Drill rig at the 2004 Hope Plantation drill site

A current area of interest for the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping (NCGM) Program is coastal North Carolina (for more information, please see FEDMAP and the NCGM 2006-2010 Program Plan). One of the NCGM Program goals is the construction of digital maps and the use of geographic information systems (GIS) to explore and evaluate geospatial links between human health and geology, hydrology, and biology. Part of reaching this goal is improving the understanding of the geologic framework for ground-water resource assessments; to that end coreholes currently are being drilled in the northeastern part of North Carolina.