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Map of North Carolina highlighting the project study area

Project Overview

Full Title
Water Quality in the Haw and Deep Rivers, Upper Cape Fear River Basin, North Carolina

Upper Cape Fear River Basin

Cooperating Agencies
Upper Cape Fear River Basin Association

Project Chief
Philip Jen

Period of Project

Team Members

Ryan Rasmussen

Water Quality in the Haw and Deep Rivers

This project was completed in 2004. These pages are for historical purposes only.


The Upper Cape Fear River Basin Association (UCFRBA) has established a 44-station water-quality sampling network in the 3,100 square-mile (mi2) upper Cape Fear River basin in North Carolina. The basin encompasses the drainage area above the confluence of the Haw and Deep Rivers. The network was established under an agreement with the North Carolina Division of Water Quality (DWQ) and supersedes the DWQ in-stream monitoring requirements for point-source discharge facilities that participate in the UCFRBA monitoring program.

To supplement existing data, information is needed on discharge and water quality at selected sites in the basin not directly affected by point sources. Of special importantance are water-quality data for two major branches of the Cape Fear River to document seasonal and annual water-quality conditions in the upper part of the basin. These data, together with data collected for the Lower Cape Fear River Program and Middle Cape Fear River Basin Association, will provide water-resource managers with a regional perspective on water quality in the Cape Fear River basin.