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USGS Coastal Carolina Project 2005 - Cove City

2005 Cooperating

Craven County Schools
Divison of Water Quality
UNC Wilmington
North Carolina Geological Survey

2006 Update: Beginning February 27, 2006, the WRD and GD Eastern Earth Surface Processes Team return to the 2005 Cove City drill site for supplemental drilling. The objective of this drill session is to define the lower stratigraphic units at this location and to date the stratigraphic units using the fossil record, and to determine the thickness of the aquifers.

For the 2005 Coastal Carolina drilling project, we will be drilling a deep corehole to bedrock in the Atlantic Coastal Plain near the Graingers Wrench Fault. The objective for this site is to obtain additional data defining the underlying subsurface geology. Geologists have proposed several theories regarding this geology. Some of the theories are that the geology might represent a horst-graben step-down fault, an erosional paleochannel, or a depositional interfluve sequence. The investigation will consist of continuous core collected with a wire-line rig. On-site analysis of the core will include hydrologic, stratigraph, geologic, and lithologic logs, photographic documentation, borehole geophysics, and nannofossil preservation.

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